Our business in Poultry and FIsh

An international sales and distribution office operating in the food business

Our business

Khumex is an international sales and distribution office operating in the food business. Located in the heart of the Netherlands, we easily ship to and from any destination in Europe and all European Main Ports, whether it is 1 pallet or full container loads.

With a strong history of expertise in the poultry sector, we are always able to meet any needs you may have. No matter how small or large, we will approach your request with dedication, passion, and flexibility.

A fundamental part of our business is our joint partnership with KG Group in Lithuania, named KG Khumex. KG Khumex is responsible for all sales and distribution of KG Group’s raw and further processed poultry products in the United Kingdom, Irish Republic, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Having a Lithuanian member of staff based at our Dutch main office makes for short and effective lines of communication.

Khumex International Food

Khumex in a nutshell: Khumex supplies high quality poultry and fish products to various markets in Europe. Our dedicated team takes pride in providing the best service possible and building strong relationships.

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