Fresh and frozen chicken products

Raw European (poultry) produce

We supply fresh and frozen chicken products from local Dutch producers as well as from our partner KG Group and other European partners. Khumex supplies chicken breast fillets in all specifications, sizes, cuts and packings. Chicken thigh- and leg meat, both skin-on and skinless, as well as bone-in products complete the raw portfolio. We deliver high quality poultry.

We also offer Halal slaughtered meat upon request. We naturally meet and continuously strive to exceed the industry’s highest quality standards, as safeguarded by BRC and HACCP certifications.

Imported chicken

Working closely together with loyal partners in Brazil and Thailand, we are able to supply from stock: salted raw, natural raw and further processed poultry products.

Further processed poultry products

We can supply a wide range of further processed poultry products. Whether your appetite is for battered or breaded products, reformed or whole muscle products, with KG Group’s state of the art newly built further processed factory, we can meet all your specifications. In addition, we offer chicken sausages (such as hotdogs and frankfurters) from KG Group’s sausage factory in Lithuania.

Turkey products

Fans of traditional turkey dinners on festive occasions in the holiday season will be pleased to know that we also offer quality turkey products thanks to our close contacts with turkey producers.

Khumex International Food

Khumex in a nutshell: Khumex supplies high quality poultry and fish products to various markets in Europe. Our dedicated team takes pride in providing the best service possible and building strong relationships.

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